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Packaging is an important part of product presentation & protection in every sector. At  Corrugation Boxes, under the category of "Boxes By Industry", not only do you get a packaging solution that is custom-engineered for the industry your product belongs to, but also one that will guarantee optimal protection and conveniently display these products in their best form. Whether you are in beauty and cosmetics, electronics, jewellery & accessories or gourmet food & beverages; our premium quality customisable boxes are designed to increase your brand packaging standards!

Beauty & Cosmetic Packaging

It is an industry of first impressions, beauty and Cosmetics Packaging. Boxes by industry even offer custom packaging solutions that address the specific needs of skincare, makeup, and other fragrance items. We carefully manufacture Rigid Boxes and bespoke folding cartons to keep your fragile glass bottle or jar secure during transportation, yet also communicate the beauty and refinement of your brand. Our packaging solutions come with personalized erasable inserts, embossing/debossing options and several high-end finishes to guarantee that your product stands out on the shelf or upon unboxing.

Electronic Packaging Solutions

High-tech gadgets--electronics, in particular--demand packaging that protects and enhances the perceived value of quality engineering. We offer industry-specific electronics packaging boxes, with multiple secure compartments and cushioning material to keep the items safe during transportation. Our packaging solutions range from smartphones and tablets to highly advanced electronic products, that guarantee great products arrive safe at the end of customers is free side like a shining star with your original message loud & clear.

Jewelry and Accessories Boxes

In the case of jewellery and accessories, presentation is more than enough when it comes to communicating craftsmanship or luxury. The boxes by industry for this sector consist of elegant packaging styles like Metalized Boxes with Silver or Gold Foil coating, custom foam insert and a magnetic close. The most common uses for these elements are to protect rings, necklaces watches from damage and visual appeal. Our boxes create an all-around experience, where they can be given as gifts or showcased in a retail setting that will enhance how those pieces are perceived and valued.

Packaging of Gourmet Foods and Beverages

Presentation is as important as the taste itself in gourmet Foods and Beverage packaging. Our industry-specific boxes for this trade are fashioned to retain the freshness and aesthetics of chocolates, wine artisanal gift baskets etc. Our packaging solutions are also, customisable with options for dividers and inserts in a variety of eco-friendly materials to make gourmet items as delicate and safe whilst at the same time being gift-ready which is perfect for high-end retail environments and gifting.

Customization and Quality Assurance

We take care of every box we manufacture, here at Corrugated Boxes on the belt-line. We work with our clients to help build out a solution that matches their unique needs and brand aesthetics, providing them with an extensive amount of customization from the size & shape to multiple colour choices options and various branding elements. Our boxes are constructed with top-of-the-line materials, and throughout our manufacturing process, all undergo stringent quality control to keep up the long-lasting woven qualities we demand out of each bin.

Sustainability Commitment

Apart from quality, we care about sustainability. Boxes By Industry is our environmentally responsible option: Our Boxes by Industry use eco-friendly materials, including recyclable paperboard, biodegradable coatings and water-based inks to fit your needs. Our Eco-friendly packaging options make it possible for companies to have small carbon footprints without sacrificing the quality or efficiency of their protective packages.

Corrugated Boxes are more than just boxes; They act as strategic tools to improve product presentation, protection and brand perception in various industries. Our flexible packaging solutions are designed to work for your specific vertical, no matter what type of beauty or electronics product lines you sustain - we can help package and brand gourmet foods with just as much luxury love too! Browse our catalogue to see how these boxes can benefit you, your products and your brand. For further inquiries contact our Customer service.

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