Maximize Brand Visibility With Custom Corrugated Displays

Maximize Brand Visibility With Custom Corrugated Displays

In the modern retail environment, brands have to be unique in order to capture an audience and make a dent toward becoming indelible. A catchy option to cater this need is with the use of custom Corrugation Display Boxes, which are an absolute mix & match package for practicality packed together in creativity and a cost-effective mode. In this article, we will discuss how brands and suppliers can benefit from custom branding corrugated displays using innovative ways to stand out in any store!

Impact of Visual Merchandising

Visual merchandising is indispensable in directing consumer spending. Research confirms that effective displays do indeed drive product visibility and sales, time after time. Corrugated displays have a unique style with all their standout shapes and colors that compliment the shades as users walk by in stores. These displays create a visual experience that feels cohesive to the shopper, as they align with not only the brand visually but in product aesthetics.

Customized Brand Solutions

One of the primary benefits that Custom Displays have to offer include marketing initiatives such as a new product launch, seasonal campaign or special promotion that brands can design these displays to meet their specific objectives. Whether it's a countertop stand or Floor shelf dispaly standing units, every type of display can be tailored to the size and shape design elements that best serve your products on display as well brand visibility.

Enhancing In-Store Engagement

In addition to garnering attention, custom corrugated displays can drive in-store engagement with more information, interactivity. Including things like QR codes, product demos or interactive elements prompt shoppers to gain further information on the item being considered which can help to boost interest and potential purchase conversions. Branding can significantly benefit from exposure as well, and pointing high-traffic zones or complimentary products to displays will lead to impulse buys.

Cost-Effective Marketing Tool

Custom corrugated displays not only make an impact visually, but they are also a value-oriented marketing tool that can benefit brands of every size. Depending on traditional advertising methods (TV commercials, print ads), you can invest less upfront in high-volume corrugated displays that haven giving location-specific visibility at the point of purchase streaming. This is even more appealing to small or medium-sized businesses who need guidance on where/how they budget and their method of approach will take them.

Case Studies: Success Stories

Different brands have been using the custom corrugated displays to stand out and boost sales. The campaigns included a custom designed Floor Cell Display with bold graphics and integrated cooler for cool refreshing summer products launched by one beverage company. In addition to attracting shoppers, the display also boosted sales by 30% during promotion.

A cosmetics brand also rolled out a selection of customized Counter Displays to introduce their new skincare range. The rest of the displays were illuminated with LED lighting and interactive screens that presented product information alongside beauty tips, leading to a 25% lift in trial opportunity as well as significantly increasing brand awareness.


In a competitive retail environment like the one we find ourselves in today, custom corrugated displays can be very useful tools used by brands to increase visibility of their productsorienting your product. Through bold design, properly positioned opt-ins and some basic interactive features like user-controlled carousels or simple games for prizes, brands can capture generic ad leads while actually making them something of a brand loyalist in the process. Following changing consumer preferences and retail dynamics, the use of custom corrugated displays will continue to be an essential strategy for brands determined on being competitive in the market.

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